Chenille short hair floor mat kitchen living room bedroom bathroom door absorbent foot mat non slip floor mat

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  • Process: woven production
  • Product Name: chenille short hair floor mat
  • Function: anti slip, wash free and dirt resistant
  • Purpose: bathtub / bedroom / kitchen / toilet
  • Color: Royal Blue / crimson / coffee / CHAMPAGNE / dark grey
  • Size: 40 × 60cm/50 × 80cm/60 × 90cm/45 × 70cm / customized


Solid color floor mat

Solid carpet

Chenille carpet is actually what people often call corduroy carpet. Because the material is made of two strands of thread. It can be made of polyester, acrylic, cotton and other materials by twisting. Light from the surface, the advantages of corduroy feel. Therefore, it can give the carpet a more atmospheric and thick feeling, which is not only soft, but also easy to clean. Because there are many kinds of chenille carpets, they can be divided into pure cotton, fiber, bright silk and so on. Most of the current chenille floor collapses are woven carpets, because the materials are relatively simple and there are many kinds of colors through processing. However, it is not easy to piece together the patterns, but the advantage is that the price is cheap. The only disadvantage is that due to the large pile, it is not resistant to dirt. With the development of science and technology, a kind of superfine fiber material is gradually applied to chenille carpet. This material has strong dust absorption, strong water absorption and easy cleaning. However, the pure cotton chenille carpet also has its advantages. The pure cotton chenille carpet is not only comfortable, but also has a strong visual impact.

Chenille carpet is widely used in the market. Its performance is very good, so it has been favored by the majority of consumers. Because of this, some inferior chenille carpets have appeared in the market. So should we judge the quality of the carpet? What should we pay attention to when purchasing? The floor mat manufacturer will tell you.

a) Dyeing, good cotton chenille carpets are dyed with active environmental protection. Only when its color fastness reaches grade 3 to 4 can it be regarded as standard active dyeing. Why should dyeing be considered first for cotton chenille carpets? Because reactive environmental protection dyeing refers to that the dyed cotton chenille carpets do not contain azo and other toxic and harmful chemicals. There are two simple methods

The first is to soak the dark colored cotton chenille carpet in warm water for more than ten minutes and then wash it again. If the fading occurs immediately and the carpet can be dyed with the soaked water, its dyeing is general dyeing and inactive dyeing

The second is to observe the color of cotton chenille carpet. If the color is particularly bright and bright to the naked eye, it is general dyeing. The carpet with active dyeing is relatively flat and dull in color Then in the long-term use process, the toxic chemicals in the dye will cause people’s * * * allergy and other harmful reactions.

Cotton chenille carpets exported to foreign countries are dyed with reactive dyes, but many domestic manufacturers use general dyeing in order to reduce costs and seize the market Therefore, the price is more than 10% cheaper than that of reactive dyeing.

b) Pile effect: whether the quality of a cotton chenille carpet is good depends on the pile on the surface. If the thickness of the pile is uneven up and down, that is to say, there are pits at the root of the pile, which are relatively thick and the top of the pile is relatively thin, it is not a good chenille carpet. A good cotton chenille carpet is that the top of the pile is as thick and uniform as the root. Shake a piece of cotton chenille carpet and then lay it on the ground. If the pile is all neatly facing one side, it is a good product. The pile of standard cotton chenille carpet is about 3cm on average.

c) Density and gram weight, first of all, the cotton chenille carpet with high density is not necessarily a good carpet, because if the density is high and the pile is very short, or the density is high and the pile is particularly high, the overall effect of that kind of ground looks very poor. Now the export standard cotton chenille carpet weighs 1500-1600 g / m2, and the pile is about 3cm on average. This kind of pile effect is the best.

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Chenille short hair floor mat kitchen living room bedroom bathroom door absorbent foot mat non slip floor mat