Job type: foreign trade business manager

Job description:

Hefei Yilei carpet factory recruits foreign trade business manager with monthly salary: “negotiable”. Benefits include: five insurances and one fund, two-day rest, paid annual leave, and 30% commission on net profit. Bachelor degree or above, good working environment, foreign language, international trade and other majors are preferred. More than 3 years working experience is preferred:


Job type: foreign trade salesman

Job requirements:

  • 1. College degree or above, English communication barrier free, sales experience in photovoltaic industry is preferred
  • 2. Experience in Alibaba international station or other 2 cross-border e-commerce platforms is preferred
  • 3. Recruit fresh graduates with active learning ability, willing to engage in foreign trade for a long time, and willing to develop with the company
  • 4. Familiar with office software, such as
  • 5. Have strong dedication, teamwork spirit and independent ability, and have the courage to explore and innovate

Job description:

  • 1. Implement the company’s trade business, implement the trade process and develop the market;
  • 2. Be responsible for contacting customers, preparing quotations, participating in business negotiations and signing contracts;
  • 3. Responsible for production tracking and delivery;
  • 4. Responsible for product upload and maintenance of Alibaba website;
  • 5. Other foreign trade business;
  • 6. Report related business work.

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